Weight Loss For Women

Kettlebell Girl

Weight loss & fitness training for busy women professionals

Get toned & strong WITHOUT getting “bulky” like the female fitness models you see on instagram

I will design a diet & fitness program personalised to YOUR individual needs & to fit YOUR lifestyle and  fitness challenges & goals, rather than a rehash of popular diet & fitness advice already floating around the internet

Weekly check-ins, evaluations & follow up calls for motivation & ass-kicking, if required. This way, you always have support & logistics to help you maitain your course

Never have to worry about planning your next meal or your next workout, because it will ALL be taken care of by me, including tracking changes in your weight & other variables

Workouts that don’t kill you: Have enough energy to get through the workday, & have plenty of energy left over for family & friends

Meals which DON’T take a ton of time to prepare, or to eat! I definitely wont force you to eat every 2 hours if you don’t want to, in fact, it is counterproductive to do so

Have your favourite weekend sinful desserts & your glass of wine, without feeling guilty or deprived, as long as you manage your diet at other times

You can eat out & socialise on weekends without feeling like you don’t fit in with your friends or you’re not part of your group beacuse of dietary or alcohol restrictions

Finally fit into those old jeans from college you’ve been holding on to

If you’ve tried everything out there, with little to no results, please reach out to me for a FREE CONSULTATION  & let me help you figure out a plan of action


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