Daily Flexibility & Mobility Routine


You need incredible mobility in the spine, hips, scapula & thoracic cavity to be able to pull this off



When it comes to becoming more flexible, don’t try to micromanage everything. Follow these guides religiously, & you’ll easily be more flexible than 90% of people.


One of the most counter-intuitive aspects of the internet is the ease of accessing information. While information indeed wants to be free, there’s a new set of challenges that crop up: viz. sorting through the maze of information & trying to make sense of what’s accurate/helpful & what isn’t. These mobility & flexibility resources are among the best you’ll find on the internet.


Before starting any of these stretches & exercises, I *highly* recommend you go through the basic  stretching theory & guidelines at Flexibility & Mobility 101.


Once you have a good base of general flexibility, you can start with more specific training for more ambitious goals such as achieving the front & side splits.



Daily Mobility Routine

Joint rotations not just articulate each of your joints through their entire range of motion (ROM), but are a great way to identify potential trouble spots before they get out of hand.

Do these two things EVERYDAY immediately on getting out of bed.


1. Joint Rotations

2. Foot massage with a Tennis Ball



















Add these next three moves into your routine after a few days. The next 30 days you’ll do both the joint rotations & tennis ball massage on waking up & these over the course of the day.


1. The 30/30 Squat challenge


2. 7 Minutes of hanging everyday for one month


3. The Convict Conditioning 2 Trifecta Stretch



After a month of doing the above exercises, or once you feel you’re ready to move on to the next level, add in the next 4 exercises 2-3 times a week.

If doing the following exercises in a single session, I recommend doing the Squat Clinic first, then the Shoulder Stabilisation routine, Squat Clininc 2.0 & then the Scapula Mobilisation Routine



Fixing Squat Mobility Issues

Ido Portal’s Squat Clinic















Ido Portal’s Squat Clinic 2.0











Fixing Shoulder/Scapula Mobility Issues

These next two routines will require you to use a resistance band.

Basic Shoulder ROM and Stabilization Routine












Scapula Mobilization routine
















Fixing Trouble Spots


Do these if even after doing the above hip & squat mobility work for a couple of months you feel like your hips still need more work.


GMB Hip Mobility Routine









For those who prefer a yoga-based routine they can follow along to, Sarah Beth has an amazing video on going DEEP into hip stretches










Gold Medal Bodies (GMB) has an amazing detailed post on the spine, along with video demonstrations you can stretch along to.

GMB Spinal Flexibility Routine




Hands, Wrists & Forearms

Whenever doing handstands or floor work, always warmup your fingers & wrists using the GMB Wrist Prep routine.













For some deeper stretching, follow along to this amazing video by Kit Laughlin

























Neck & Jaw










See Ido Portal’s Shoulder & Scapula Mobilisation Routine above


Swinging Indian Clubs for the Shoulders

Club swinging is incredible for the shoulders, strengthening the rotator cuffs & for thoracic mobility.

Paul Taras Wolkowinski has some of the best & most thorough Indian Club tutorials online.

Indian Club Basics



Is there something you’re dying to ask but I haven’t addressed here? Leave a comment or reach out to me.



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