Do you feel that the fitness industry is lying to you?

Are you overwhelmed with the bad advice, shady supplements & trending gimmicky workouts being heaped on you everywhere you look?

Does the thought of forcing yourself to stick to your diet to lose enough weight so that you have that perfect beach body before your next vacation make you anxious?

Are you tired of working with personal trainers who you can’t hold accountable for results?

Is tracking calories, macros, workouts, weight & inches impossible with your busy work schedule & family life?

Do you manage to follow diets, but seem to fall off the wagon in a few months of starving yourself?

Have you ever wondered how people in the past managed to stay fit, strong & healthy wthout resorting to starvation diets & killing themselves in the gym for two hours everyday?

These very reasons were the impetus for me to start Primal Flow Fitness.

I’m Yash Chheda, & I’ve been reading, studying & “doing” fitness for as long as I remember, from straining to win the school athletics competition to training for my black belt in Karate, to reading books on kettlebells before they were ever available in India.

Do you want to be strong, healthy, fast, athletic, flexible & move freely without pain?

Please reach out to me, & lets see if I can help YOU with YOUR FITNESS GOALS this year, without using willpower, crash dieting or crazy gym schedules.