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What does ‘Primal’ mean?

Imagine life 10,000 years ago, when we hadn’t yet figured out agriculture yet, and we’re still living the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, getting by on foraging for roots, fruit and berries, eggs, small game and the occasional big animal we killed.

It is considered a fact that the most significant impetus for civilisation to flourish was the discovery of agriculture. Without agriculture, we would not have been able to have a consistent source of food in a single place and have been able to build towns and later, big metropolitan areas that we have today.

But are we really better off today? I’ll leave that rant for another time.

Mankind has been evolving to its current iteration for about the past million (10, 00, 000) (you can count the number of zeroes in there), and has been trying to adjust to civilisation for about the past ten thousand.

It has become especially dysfunctional in the past 100, with widespread sedentary living, high stress, screens, little free time, most work that is more mental than physical, and horrible (and I mean that in the most loving way possible), horrible diets.

We are eating more calories than ever, and getting lesser and lesser minerals and other micronutrients in our food.

So, Primal, in this context is simply returning to our evolutionary roots, and emulating habits and conditions that we have evolved on as human beings ever since we climbed down from the trees onto the savannah.

So, if you’re suffering from diseases of “civilisation” (and you’ll notice that I always put the word “civilisation” in quotes), then going Primal might help you have more energy, a little more wellbeing, increased stamina and ability to focus, and, most importantly, lesser stress and more positive emotions like peace of mind, joy and happiness.

That, I think, is worth a little bit of time and energy, don’t you?


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