Daily Flexibility & Mobility Routine

    When it comes to becoming more flexible, don't try to micromanage everything. Follow these guides religiously, & you'll easily be more flexible than 90% of people.   One of the most counter-intuitive aspects of the internet is the ease of accessing information. While information indeed wants to be free, there's a new set … Continue reading Daily Flexibility & Mobility Routine


Effortless Weight Loss

Carbs, fat & protein Contrary to popular belief, this is how the body DOES NOT work: 6 meals a day, high carb, low-fat , & long sessions of dead-end cardio. In fact, this is the perfect recipe for how NOT to get a six-pack.   How fat burning in the body actually works   Hybrid … Continue reading Effortless Weight Loss

Simple & Sinister : The Day After

Kettlebell swings have to be one of the weirdest exercises I have ever tried. By a long shot. As soon as I woke up the day after my S&S workout, while not particularly stiff, I felt soreness in my triceps and trapezius muscles. Hamstrings got a severe beating, as expected, and most surprisingly even the insides of my thighs (the adductor group of muscles) got a workout. V complained that the soles of his feet had just died.